Organizational Chart

The Horizons Group consists of an Advisory Board and members of action committees working together to make Klickitat the best it can be! We are serving Klickitat, Wahkiacus, Appleton, Pitt and all the areas in between. We invite you to take a look at the chart and volunteer in any area that appeals to you! If you have questions you can email them to

The NEW Horizons 2010

Welcome to the New Horizons!

Mission Statement:

HORIZONS IS ABOUT MOVEMENT AND CHANGE: From waiting to leading...from talk to action...from poverty to prosperity...from a few to many...from despair to hope...from indifference to pride.

Advisory Board:

Chair - Allie Spino
Vice President - Judy Lamping
Secretary - Kate Maple
Treasurer - Sandy Hayden
Adviser - Pam Hylton
Adviser - Mike Schlangen
Adviser - Johny Clarence

To Know Our Past; is to Understand the Future.

Klickitat Canyon Days a day of celebrating it's existance.

Klickitat was established in the 1800's, but has been a home to the Klickitats a Native American Tribe for many years before that.

We can celebrate our history through our newly placed Museum in the new, but old historical Mill Office.

The museum brought Klickitat to a place where memories were brought together and shared.

Come experience our history for yourself, visit the Klickitat Museum.


The Klickitat School begins to revitalize the Mill Office Annex Building, the future Community and Youth Center.
Thank you Jay and Mike!



So This Is Klickitat!

So this is Klickitat is a book written by Selma M. Neils in 1969 that tells about the early settlers, the development of the timber and mineral-springs resources, Native Americans, and the people of Klickitat. The book describes many organizations and activities that occurred along with the owners of the mill that contributed to the positive development of Klickitat. This is a time when over 70% of the households had one or more members of their family working in the mill or logging industry.

The book continues to show how the town was united by a thriving industry, and kids left the ball field, river, or the alley from playing when they heard the mill whistle blow, knowing that dinner would be put on the table. As I read this book it gives me a kind of Leave it to Beaver feeling, crime was low, alcohol and cigarettes were the well-known drugs, doors were left unlocked, and everyone knew their neighbor. The ladies were involved in the Woman’s Club; everyone came to the dances, and was involved in the school activities. Even if you didn’t have a son or daughter playing on one of the school teams, you had a niece, nephew, or cousin; therefore the high school team was another activity that was well attended.

Our town has changed since then. I’ve lived here for 26 years and I can notice and see change, the largest being the mill closure. Definitely this fact has hurt and hindered Klickitat’s ability to prosper and grow with the times. But is our community really as different now as many of us think? Of course I have to answer yes to my question. We will probably never have an industry operating in Klickitat that employs the majority of our population. There will never be a train running through our town. Yes, physical attributes of Klickitat and work opportunities for community members have changed. But have the core of the people living here left along with the mill and railroad? I don’t believe so.

I was the chairperson for the carnival during Klickitat Canyon Days. I had a lot of commitment from people prior to the event, but I still worried that I didn’t have enough workers for the booths or baked goods for the cakewalk. As I fretted and worried I began making phone calls, and what did I get for my efforts? People that said they would bring baked goods, workers, and most of all the willingness to help however they could.

Sandy I. said that the twins could come and help. They had to have the truck and trailer cleaned before Friday night so that it could be decorated for the float, but she thought they wouldn’t have any problem get that done too. What time do you need them there?

I left a message for Katherine R. Thursday night. Remember, the carnival was Friday night. Katherine didn’t call me back. She just showed up ready to help.

Allie S., Lorraine V., Karen S., and Tammie H. said they could bring baked goods. Remember this is at the last minute because I am a bit panicked.

Yes, there has been a lot of changes in our community, good and bad, but I believe that the people of this town; old and new want the same things, a clean, safe, drug free, and thriving environment to raise families. All the clean ups, karate lessons, music in the park, community newsletter, Canyon Days activities for family and kids, and so many people willing to get involved are evidence of that.

My heart and soul has been in this community for 26 years and God willing many more to come. We all can make a difference if it’s by picking up our garbage, joining a committee, or saying hello to a neighbor. There’s not a task too large or too small that we can’t accomplish.

Laura Bales